How To Measure A Box For Shipping Fedex

How To Measure A Box For Shipping Fedex. Length x width x height (all in cm) divided by the 'factor number', communicated from time to time by fedex. Then, divide the cubic size by the specific dimensional weight divisor determined by your parcel shipping service to calculate dimensional weight.

How To Weigh A Box For Shipping Amaze from

(make sure to round up.) once you have that information, you’ll want to order a box that uses the least amount of internal packing material while still protecting the product. Now you have the girth. Use only new, undamaged boxes for shipping.

Measure And Weigh The Package Accurately.

This will be measured with the flaps closed, from top to bottom. If the dimensional weight is higher than the actual weight, then fedex charges for shipping based on the dimensional weight. Linear feet, however, is a much simpler measurement.

How To Calculate Dimensional Weight.

Proper measurements and weight metrics will help determine the cost of the shipment and which courier to use to ship furniture. Add the length and girth for the total measurement. Measuring length and girth the length and girth formula is simple.

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Now You Have The Girth.

Boxes length (l) x width (w) x height (h) interior dimensions. • measure the length, height, and width of the package. Use only new, undamaged boxes for shipping.

Not Sure How To Pick The Right Shipping Box?

Or fedex account executive, or go to a fedex office® print and ship center or fedex ship center®. Press “81” or say “dangerous goods,” then press “4” for the next available dangerous goods agent (outside the u.s., request to speak to a dangerous goods. As an example, shipping a package, from philadelphia to los angeles, with a shipping box that is 19 x 15 x 12 and 21 pounds would cost $53.19 if you purchased a label from a fedex location.

This Is The Long Side Of The Box On The Side Of The Longest Flap.

Next, turn the box 90 degrees and measure the width, which is the side with the shorter flap. Next, measure the distance around the thickest part of the package in inches; Fedex calculates dimensional weight for both domestic and international shipments by dividing the cubic size of a package by a dim divisor of 139.

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